my wife's professional homepage, featuring some of my architecture photographs:, Luxembourg-based architect


my wife's great hobby is really worth seeing

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If you want to purchase the one or the other pic, I'm currently working with some microstock agencies. You'll find some of the photos of this site, and also other ones not displayed here. Contact me if you'd like a pic from my gallery that you miss in my microstock portfolios.


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Stock Photos

Stock Photos

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Stock Photos from 123RF

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interesting photography pages:


Richard Bernabe Photography landscapes, wildlife, travel, author and blogger


Carsten Peter award winning photographer, contributor to National Geographic Magazine


Massimo Bassano photographer, storyteller, contributor to National Geographic Magazine


Scott Bourne photographer, teacher, editor, publisher of


Adrien Jacquet photographe animalier


Christophe Van Biesen luxembourg-based photographer, landscape, travel, architecture and nature photography


Tony Vaccaro award-winning photographer, Photography Hall-of-Fame 2019


Robert Capa pictures and bio


Magnum Photos photographic archive from top photographers from across the globe





Beps Musek Atelier music, pedagogy and photographs of my former flute teacher


Do Demuth architecte d'intérieur


Nuno Lorena painter






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