MagicCon nummer eins

We were so sad that the RingCon was over, and hoped that the FedCon people would come up with something new.

Well, they didn't deceive us at all. The MagicCon was, what else, magical! Great athmosphere, fantastic actors, lovely pannels, wild parties... like always :-)

Feel free to browse through the pics. Have fun, and see you next year again!


Summer escape in the Alps

There's a new update in my travels folder, from our summer escape to the Swiss and Italian Alps. All the pics have been shot with my Canon G1x cam (my "backup" cam) since my SLR ceased to function. (That's the photographer's worst case scenario, to be travelling somewhere and the cam doesn't work anymore.) So, never travel without a backup camera :-)

I hope you like the pics, and tell me what you think.


RingCon 2015

The RingCon 2015 has been awesome, once again, three days of partying, hanging out with (old and new) friends, attending lectures and panels, getting autographs.

Feel free to browse the photo gallery and enjoy the pics :-)



At last I did what was long overdue: a face lift. Well, a website face lift, to be precise.

I had my website down for a few days, trying out different new templates to allow a new presentation of my photographs.

I changed the background colour from black to white, and the galleries are now displayed in a vertical view, and the whole site looks a bit more minimalistic and lighter. As the navigation is simpler, it makes it more fun to browse.

So, I hope you like it too, enjoy and let me know what you think :-)



Portraits: a new folder in my photo gallery on my website.
It's not the kind of photography I do normally, but I thought it would be a pity not to show these pics.
Hope you like it, and feel free to leave a comment in my guestbook.



A few new uploads are now online in my cemetery section.


RingCon 2013

As always, the RingCon 2013 has been a fabulous event once again, because of all the great actors, the amazing MCs, the costumed fans, the lecturers and experts, and all the people helping. I hope to reflect the awesome mood of this exceptional week-end in my photo gallery, and already look forward to the next RingCon. Feel free to browse through the pics, and leave me a comment in my guestbook if you like :-)



We've been lucky to spend almost three weeks in California this year. It's been one of our favorite destinations so far, offering splendid land- and cityscapes, and an awesome nature in infinite variations.

Feel free to have a look at the pics in the travels folder, and why not browse through the rest of the gallery.


more autographs

This small section of my website keeps growing.

I've been lucky to see Hugh Laurie in concert, with the Copper Bottom Band, and to get his last CD signed after the show. A great musician, along with a fine band. A must-see for all blues and...House fans.


pictures of prague

A new section in the travel folder shows some pics of Prague, Czech Republic, that I shot last year, and at last found some time to put them online. 

Prague is defenitely worth a visit.


new section: autograph corner

This has nothing to do with my photography. But I like music, and I like to go to concerts, rock, jazz, musicals, classic, whatever. And if the artists show up after the venue, I like to meet them, and get their autograph if possible. I also buy signed CDs when they're available. I think it'd be a pity not to show them, so I opened this new section even if it has nothing to do with my photography, and even if its nothing compared to my wife's collection that you should visit, too. Hopefully this collection might grow a little more in the future.


RingCon 2012

Great actors, great MCs, great mood, great shows, great parties, wow, that was an amazing RingCon once again. Thanks to all who contributed to making this happen, and hopefully see you again next year.

Here's my pics, feel free to have a look and leave me a post in my guestbook if you enjoyed it.


photographs of ireland

Ireland has been a fantastic destination for our summer holidays, offering splendid views of various landscapes, and the nature is awesome. I hope to reflect a bit of this mood in my pics, and take you along to a visual trip through this lovely island for a few minutes.


a few uploads

New uploads in the landscapes (HDR pics) and cemetery section. Hope you like!


favorite image portfolio and street updates

The favorite image portfolio is how I look at my own pics. It's the first time that I've made such a project, and will probably do it once a year from now on, and will hopefully see my work improving that way.

There's also a few new pics in my street section, check it out.


more cemetery pics

More tombs, for those who can't get enough of it. Here's even a grave of a well-known man who changed the face of the world.


RingCon 2011 Bonn

Here's my RingCon 2011 pictures I shot last week-end. That was an amazing con, for me the best one so far. The huge fan community combined to the brilliant actors produced such a great mood, during the panels and shows up to the late-night partys. Thanks to everyone, fans, actors and crew, for this fabulous week-end.

I hope you like the pics, and feel free to browse the rest of the gallery, too.


new cemetery pictures

I updated new cemetery photographs, shot at Highgate Cemetery Park in London a couple of weeks ago, processed in order to reflect a more scary atmosphere combined with mixed feelings about the subject. Feel free to browse the gallery.


travels folder opened

Travels folder is now online, showing some impressions of our great florida trip in July/August 2011.

There will also be a few updates in the Architecture and Nature folders soon, so please stay tuned.


gallery and layout updated

Check out for new updates in the landscapes section. The navigation through the gallery has also been simplified.



I had previously posted a pic of this shooting on the fotocommunity and photogen sites, and for those who liked it, here are some of my favs.


Alexis is my colleague's little boy, he was 10 months old that day. We made up a set at their home, with a white background and some decorations. I used 2 speedlite flashes with Lumiquest softboxes in a slave mode on the right, and a silver reflector on the left.

We had a lot of fun, the boy was always laughing and trying to crawl away.


As I had never done such a shooting before, this was a quite new experience for me.



new updates

The first updates have been done in the macro and the landscapes sections. You're welcome to have a look.


homepage online on april 30th, 2011

At last, my homepage was ready so far, and I bought this domain on april 30th, 2011.

If you like my pics, please stay tuned, and thxs vor the visit :-)))